My practice encompasses drawing, ephemeral sculpture, installation, and collecting data. I am interested between the relationship of cause and effect, particularly how surfaces are created (nature or man-made) and the sequence of events/narratives they embrace.

Over the last couple of years my creative practice has been rooted in drawing, particularly with tools/objects not normally associated with the drawn process, such as drills, tin cans and fly swats. I address different aspects of the physicality and gesture of a tool by exploring its inherent qualities through mark-making (i.e. swatting ink blots, drilling holes). I like to then strip back my methodologies to simpler states to create contemporary drawings; fusing process, intention and narrative together.

I like to produce work that is response-led to place. I am fascinated in how time affects landscape, whether by nature or human intervention. I enjoy using playful elements in my practice via public interaction.