‘HEART TO HEART - Atma Flies'

Reindeer skin, graphite, ink, nylon, cotton, horsehair and surgical thread, surgical needles, staples, artists blood and graphite powder


‘Heart to Heart’ arose from a desire to make an artwork and installation that encapsulates and expresses a long-felt fascination and personal connection to heart surgery. It is a personal, cathartic journey. Retracing the historic steps of cardiac surgery, and subtly embedding this information into skin,  references to important surgeons and surgical developments are barely visible, leaving only the stitched parts that re-fabricate the history of heart surgery as a whole.







Donated and found keys, fishing line and mirror


This collection of keys was developed over a period of two years - it is essentially a collaboration and installation of different communities, places, family and friends.

The title references myths and folklore. In Roman mythology, Portunes (alternatively spelled Portumnes or Portunus) was originally a god of keys, doors and farm animals.



Graphite on paper, washing line, lamb tags


Taking moments from daily walks over a period of one year, I documented my experience through a series of daily sketches capturing essences of particular walks. Like a series of film stills, a visual narration of my year walking was encapsulated. Combined with a written diary, these drawings hang from a line; - like clothing on a washing line for all to see. You are invited to ‘walk the line’; to witness a personal journey and a passage of time.




Wire, graphite, pastel, wax, nails, staples, graphite powder, ink, paper, thread


An installation created in response to Alzheimer's disease. I was invited to create an artwork for the charity BRACE. I created a series of memory cells both empty and full that hung together as a large network, portraying the overwhelming sense of empty memories that engulf the remaining thoughts.