'long journey one (close up detail) - 2015

Ink, paper thread, letterpress ink and folded paper


My creative practice often explores the communication between the intuitive mark and the constructed mark, (in which stitch often plays a vital role). I like to investigate the dialogue between diverse combinations of materials and processes. I am especially interested in moments of juxtaposition; both in its physical sense and its significance or connotation to a material or project. Often I use thread to explore and emphasize certain dialogues. My contemporary drawing is frequently stitched together or uses stitch, thread, wire or stapling as integral components.


'hairy mary' - 2014

Ink, horsehair, graphite on hand drilledpaper

'wire & Paper' - 2014

Graphite, wire on paper

'stamped' - 2013

posted envelopes & thread

'no way out' - 2016

Graphite, thread, ink pastel on paper